Why Now is the Perfect Moment to Sell Your House With The Dwelling Collection?

The Dwelling Collection January 9, 2024


Worried About the Market Slowing Down?

Let The Dwelling Collection ease your concerns with the latest data showing why now still an excellent time to sell your house is.
Despite the recent shifts, buyer demand hasn’t vanished. While we’re not experiencing the same ‘unicorn’ years of skyrocketing values and ultra-low mortgage rates, the market is far from idle. In fact, compared to the last normal years, buyer activity is robust, and homes are still moving quickly.

Persistent Buyer Demand

Our analysis, backed by the ShowingTime Showing Index, reveals that while buyer activity has moderated from its peak, it remains significantly more vigorous than during the pre-‘unicorn’ years. This enduring interest is evident in the number of house tours and inquiries, indicating that buyers are actively searching and ready to purchase.

Multiple Offers on the Table

Data from the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) underscores a heartening trend: sellers are receiving an average of 2.5 offers, a slight uptick from last year and well above the norm of previous years. This demonstrates that well-positioned homes in the market continue to attract attention and competitive bids.

Quick Sales for Rightly Priced Homes

The swift pace of sales is another positive sign. Homes are selling just a bit slower than during the frantic ‘unicorn’ years and much faster than in the more typical market years. This pace reflects strong buyer demand and indicates that with the right strategy, sellers can expect a prompt and profitable sale.

The Dwelling Collection’s Promise

At The Dwelling Collection, we understand the nuances of the current market. Our expertise and personalized approach ensure your home is positioned attractively to capture the attention of serious buyers. We’re here to guide you through every step, from pricing and staging to closing the deal swiftly and successfully.

Your Next Step

You haven’t missed your window to sell. With The Dwelling Collection, you can navigate the market confidently, secure in the knowledge that your home will stand out to eager buyers. Ready to make your move? Let’s connect and start your selling journey today with The Dwelling Collection – where your home-selling goals become our mission.
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Work With Us

At The Dwelling Collection, our roots run deep and our ambition soars high. Get assistance in determining your current property value, crafting a competitive offer, writing and negotiating a contract, and much more. Let The Dwelling Collection guide you through your home-buying journey.