What Are the Benefits of Buying Vs Renting?

The Dwelling Collection August 4, 2019

Buying vs renting is a case-by-case basis for most situations, but there are certainly benefits of both.
Here is a helpful tool that can help you budget and decide what is best for you.


The benefits of buying include:
  • Tax Savings

  • Stability – fixed mortgage payments versus possible increase in rent over years

  • Equity

  • Secondary Income – when you own a property, you can use it to rent out space to tenants

The benefits of renting include:
  • Flexibility – there are short term and long term leases that give you the chance to leave and move around more frequently with less headache

  • Little Maintenance – landlords typically pay for upkeep and repairs made in rental units

  • Possible utility coverage – in some instances, landlords will include utilities like heat and hot water in the rental cost

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